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Dodoku: The Best Dive Centre in Ternate, Indonesia 

  • Created At: January 17, 2021

  • Created By: Admin Blublub

Indonesia has many diving sites which are considered as hidden gems in the eye of the world. Today, we are taking you to Dodoku, one of the best dive centres in Indonesia located in Ternate, North Maluku. 

Introducing Dodoku as one of the best dive centres in Ternate, requires a lot more than meets the eye. That is why we have arranged an interview with the owner, Ibu Sisca Dewi.

“A bridge to the underwater world” –  or locally spoken in manado “Dodoku”, which translates to “bridge”. In Ternate, locals and visitors would refer to this as a pier widely known for its breathtaking sunset and panoramic views of the coast, the Dodoku Ali pier. 

For beginners, Dodoku has a program called Open Water Course, a diving certification program ranging from PADI to SSI accredited. However, Dodoku is not only about diving. You could also experience one of the best land tours of Maluku while visiting. 

The Impact of Pandemic to Dodoku  

We’ve all witnessed how the pandemic has forced businesses of all levels to close store fronts. Dodoku being one of them was closed shortly after the news of the virus broke out. The ministry of tourism had decided to reopen key tourism resources again with updated terms and conditions. A special standard of procedure has been carried out so that visitors can once again experience Dodoku’s and ternate’s diving oasis. 

However, the team over at dodoku have their own way of getting used to the new normal. Maintaining a positive team spirit is essential for any business. Apart from a go-to stress release activity, diving in the waters of ternate 

Safety Protocol for Divers

Measures to control and reduce the spread of the virus are being well implemented at all times, disinfecting one’s diving gear being one of them . Divers also need to keep their oxygen cylinders sterilized in a special room with a compressor. Not to mention that each diver has to have a cylinder themselves. Moreover, it is essential that divers maintain their equipment for both safety and health concerns.

Everything is perfectly safe. Dodoku’s instructors are committed to implement the latest measures being advised by governments in efforts to reduce the spread of the virus. To ease your mind, they also share SWAB and RAPID test results to make sure everything is safe.

These systems help people feel safe while visiting Dodoku. It is a pact to serve the best service for any tourist and customer. 

Ternate Muck Dive, A Unique Experience

Once you reach Ternate, you could try almost any kind of diving activity, one that we particularly recommend for divers and underwater photography fanatics is muck diving. Muck diving is considered unique to ternate and its sites are unrivalled, allowing you to go up & close to micro marine ecosystems.

The Best Time to Visit Ternate 

Any time is the best time to visit Ternate. Unlike Raja Ampat, you could never be bothered with Monsoon out here. However, if you don’t like to experience disturbance, you should avoid visiting in April and May. 

There are a lot of islands to visit around Ternate, with each one having its own prowess. They can be alternative destinations for those who like to unravel the archipelago. 

Best Diving Sites in Ternate

Pulau Hiri is the best diving site you can find in Ternate. The island provides diving experiences much like any other Pacific Ocean diving sites. But the best thing about this island is the underwater fauna. You could expect to encounter Barracudas, Schooling Jack Fish, Manta Rays, Sharks, and if you’re the luckiest person enough, Dugongs. 

Tips for Visiting Ternate 

It is normal to worry about travelling in times of a pandemic. But, you should not let such anxiety get to your head. These are some of the things you can do to prevent the spread of virus while visiting Ternate: 

  • Take the RAPID test before travelling 
  • Keep your oxygen cylinder and other equipment to yourself, if you are renting, make sure it is a new one.
  • Obey all the procedures in order to protect yourself and everyone else, that includes wearing a mask when in land and crowds
  • Stay positive, rest assured a dive center’s number one priority is your own safety, when you’ve taken all necessary precautions, there’s no need to panic.


Dodoku Expectation toward The Diving Industry of Indonesia 

There are a lot of hopes and expectations for the future of the diving industry in Indonesia. First, Mrs. Sisca Dewi suggests that the government provide subsidy for airplane fare to the East Indonesia area. This policy would definitely raise the amount of tourists visiting Ternate. 

With full support from the government, the East Indonesia area can offer more than Bali and Komodo island. The prospect for development should not only stop in the diving industry. The east Indonesia area has more potential for tourism. 

Ternate, for instance, offers plenty of beautiful landscaping scenery like no other as well as wonderful underwater adventure. If the government gives more attention, Ternate can become an unstoppable attraction for international tourists. 


For people seeking to blow off some steam from the current situation, Dodoku is the perfect choice. Friendly and experienced diver instructors would guide you to a world of water you can never imagine before. The view is not the only thing that matters. Dodoku is always packed with safety procedures and health measures to keep you safe when diving and visiting. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us for the best diving experience!