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Snorkelling in Indonesia is remarkable because of its sheer scale – with over 16,000 islands, it is the world’s biggest archipelago. Many of Indonesia’s landscapes are characterized by spectacular volcanic vistas that clash dramatically with the iridescent green vegetation and sparkling blue ocean. It also belongs to The Coral Triangle, which is the world’s most complex area with marine life and the species that depend on them. Divers may interact with a wide range of marine animals, from the tiny nudibranch to giant whale sharks.

Top underwater locations worldwide, including Raja Ampat and Komodo, are better accessible by liveaboards due to the country’s scenery. They provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover this dynamic world. The liveaboard industry in Indonesia is among the most dynamic in the country, with liveaboards having links to destinations that are not accessible by resorts.

The bulk of foreign divers visit the country’s four world-class diving destinations. These include Bali, which is mainly resort-based, Komodo Island, Raja Ampat Liveaboard, and Sulawesi liveaboards to distant sites, as well as resort-based options for those closer to home.


Dive to Multiple Sites


If you are looking for a place to start liveaboard diving, Bali would be the perfect answer.Bali has some of the finest diving sites in the country, and excellent land-based diving. Divers traveling across the island can encounter a variety of diving environments and features as they pass across the three snorkeling zones that surround Bali.

Although the island is large, divers can still leave Denpasar near Bali’s southeast coast in the early hours, diving in the northwestern part of the island, and return quickly for such a night diving on the southern island. Denpasar is a prominent tourist destination, and the airline serves both domestic and foreign flights. A variety of liveaboards leave Bali for the other Aleutian Islands, including the islands of Komodo.


Routes for 2021


1. Prana by Atzaro

Prana by Atzaró is the world’s largest and most luxury phinisi yacht, cruising the paradise seas of Indonesia.

The Luxury Sailing Yacht Charter is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While cruising on this iconic liveaboard, you can discover some of the world’s last untouched paradises. Enjoy exploration, adventure, efficiency, operation, amazing swimming, fine dining, spa, relaxing, and more when traveling in the lap of luxury.

Prana by Atzaró is the finest and most authentic phinisi luxury yacht to traverse the paradise waters of Komodo National Park, The Spice Islands, and Raja Ampat all year, with nine sumptuous suites and 900sqm of luxuriated living room spanning four floors.

Route and Destinations: Atzaro’s Prana travels to the most stunning locations. Komodo National Park is known for its crystal blue seas, pink beaches, and one-of-a-kind coral reef. The Spice Islands are gems in the sea. Raja Ampat, with its turquoise seas and 1500 reefs, is one of the world’s few unspoiled paradises.

2. Fenides

The Fenides phinisi is a luxurious liveaboard diving vessel that travels across the Indonesian archipelago. Newly constructed in 2019, with a contemporary feel and modern furnishings to make the perfect home-away-from-home.

There are only 5 comfortable cabins on board to accommodate a maximum of 11 guests, including a luxurious master cabin, two twin cabins, and two double cabins. Each has the finest linen, air conditioning, world-class TV and media systems, and spacious completely equipped en-suite bathrooms.

The Fenides liveaboard has plenty of living rooms, including a salon and bar with Bose sound and panoramic views, alfresco dining, and a spacious sundeck with loungers.

Route and Destinations: The Fenides phinisi visits several of Indonesia’s finest dive sites. From Komodo National Park, which has an abundance of beautiful aquatic life and land scenery to match, to Raja Ampat, which has a crazy amount of sharks, rays, rare critters, breathtaking corals, and massive schools of fish, to the far reaches of the Banda Sea, Alor, Halmahera, and beyond for discovery diving at its best. Onboard, the knowledgeable guides and crew exude love and imagination.

3. Gaia Love

Gaia Love is a breathtaking 40-meter-long liveaboard yacht that can accommodate 22 passengers in 11 luxurious cabins. Everyone has a personal en – suite, space, and air conditioning. They are all huge, about 20 square meters wide. The top deck cabins often have a broad ocean view and sundeck.

The interior pub and dining room is contemporary, with a complete entertainment centre and dining area. The outdoor decks offer both shaded and sunshine areas to sit back and chill during dives or to appreciate the alfresco lounge at the bottom of the day. The dive sideboard at the back of the yacht can accommodate 28 divers, so there’s plenty of room and separate gear stations to render kitting up a breeze.

Two boats transport you to the dive sites—several rinsing facilities, including one devoted to cameras and dedicated video space for repair and editing.

Route and Destinations: Gaia Love travels to the finest diving spots in Indonesia. Komodo Nature Reserve, Alor, as well as Raja Ampat, are among them. The opportunity to dive in exciting Komodo, dazzling coral reefs in Raja Ampat and reef sharks watching in the Banda Sea are among the highlights.

4. Emperor Raja Laut

Emperor Raja Laut is an excellent option for visitors on a tight budget. It provides efficient pricing without sacrificing efficiency.

This beautiful yacht will sleep up to 12 visitors in 6 double and twins rooms with bedroom closet, safes, and independently operated air conditioning.

The lounge has a High definition flat-screen TV, a library, as well as a minibar for fun. A sundeck and lounge chairs are located on the upper floor.

Meals are usually prepared on the top board with amazing views – and wine is provided!

A dive tender allows you to get to your dive destination and enter the sea. Nitrox is also included!

Route and Destinations: From June and September, Emperor Raja Laut ships in Komodo Nature Reserve. She travels Raja Ampat – the Only Paradise – from November to May.

Between May and September, there are exclusive chances to swim in the Banda Sea as the ship travels between destinations. This includes ways to dive in places that are barely reached, such as underwater volcanoes.

5. La Galigo

La Galigo was built by an enthusiastic diver and handmade by Sulawesi craftsmen with divers in mind. It’s a two-masted phinisi in the conventional style.

The La Galigo liveaboard will accommodate 14 guests in 7 spacious cabins. They have air-con, thick American mattresses, and private bathrooms. The Suite, with a 48″ Screen, PS4, 180-degree views, and lounge area, is the pinnacle in comfort.

The prominent hatchback is entirely air-conditioned and equipped with a limited library and television. It’s linked to the fine dining area, where you will get freshly cooked meals. The sundeck has cushions and sofas that are comfortable.

The diving deck is expansive, with plenty of space for every scuba diver’s clothing. There are several camera facilities and equipment quarters. Diver tenders can transport you to dive locations, making it easy to enter the sea.

Route and Destinations: From October to April, La Galigo would sail in Raja Ampat’s lush seas, but she would sail to wild Komodo from May to September.

6. Raja Ampat Aggressor

The Raja Ampat Aggressor offers luxurious diving. It is an Indonesian liveaboard 30 meters wide that was built explicitly for divers.

She provides eight cabins that can accommodate up to 16 people in twins and double beds.

The interior saloon is air-con and spacious, with cosy sofas, a TV, and a limited library. The sundeck features breathtaking views as well as lounge chairs.

In the fine dining area, guests will enjoy freshly cooked meals. The food is a mix of international and regional fare, and alcoholic drinks are accessible. Dietary restrictions may be accommodated with advance warning.

The diving deck is both comfortable and well-shaded. A broad camera table and a separate camera space are required for equipment repairs. Dive tenders render getting into the water a breeze.

Route and Destinations: Despite its term, the “Raja Ampat Aggressor” only visits Raja Ampat from October to May annually. Over the season, she travels to the Derawan Islands off the coast of Sulawesi.


How to get license for diving


Profesi Unik Para Penyelam - Blublub

It is essential to feel at ease in underwater environments before venturing into open water. The aim is to comprehend the fundamental requirements needed to maintain a healthy and pleasant experience as a tourist in a foreign ecosystem. Underwater swimming in an open water setting is referred to as open water diving. This covers bodies of water such as the ocean, streams, and filled gravel pits.

Before beginning the program, you must fill out a health document stating that you can operate under pressure. It is not a poor thing to do any preparation before the first ride. When you have a medical problem, you better have your doctor check on it.

The most popular course is the PADI scuba diving qualification, although it is not the only option. The C-card is given to newly-trained scuba divers worldwide by quality schools associated with a lot more diving organizations. Both certifications would basically give you the same skill set used to become an experienced diver.

Although certain liveaboards will accept any divers with an open ocean certification, others may need an advanced qualification. Another certification you can think about before leaving is the nitrox credential.


What is Blublub?



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Why Blublub?


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4. Safe Transactions

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What do they say about Blublub?


Paket Tour Raja Ampat Murah 2021


– Christie Gabriella

“Our trip was SO LOVELY! Visibility was great, saw a lot of underwater creatures, and our dive guide was a friendly person, we really enjoyed it!”

– Bagas Satria

“What an amazing trip. The dive guide and the staff are so friendly. During the dive we saw baby sharks, octopus, moray eel and much more!! Would love to dive again with them”

– Leo Wairara

“The dive trip is one of the best dive trips I’ve ever had. My dive guide, Mr. Firman was really nice, knowledgeable, and very experienced. We went to the bounty wreck, the weather was great, the visibility was great. I saw huge turtles, lionfish, lobsters, sea snails, and beautiful corals. All in just one day, I would recommend this trip!”

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1. Can we make our own vacation plans using Blublub?

No problem, you can always do it with Blublub. This feature allows you to organize your trips according to your needs.

Just tell us where you want to go, what type of water activities you want to explore, when you want to start, and so on. Your itinerary will be made to the dive center nearest to the site of your choice. You will get a notification as soon as the itinerary is ready.  Later you can also choose whether you want to continue your travel plans or make minor adjustments.

2. How do I get a diving license with blublub?

Before starting the program to get diving license, you must complete medical documents stating that you can operate under pressure. If you have any medical problems, you should check with your doctor.

The most popular course is the PADI scuba diving qualification, although it is not the only option. The C Card is given to newly trained scuba divers around the world by quality schools associated with more dive organizations. The two certifications will basically provide you with the same skills you will use to become an experienced diver.

3. What is the Indonesian Liveaboard?

The beauty of the underwater world and the species that are widely owned in Indonesia attracts the attention of many tourists and divers.

Divers can interact with a wide variety of marine animals, from tiny nudibranchs to giant whale sharks. Top underwater locations around the world, including Raja Ampat and Komodo, are more accessible to liveaboards because of the views of the country. They provide a unique opportunity to discover this dynamic world. The liveaboard industry in Indonesia is among the most dynamic in the country, with the liveaboard having links to destinations that resorts cannot access.



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