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Morotai, Maluku
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Morotai is one of the outmost islands in Indonesia and the beauty of its island is so popular for local residents. As an island that adjacent to Pacific Ocean and Philippine, Morotai was used as base defense by Japanese soldier during World War II. After that, the island took over by Allied Force and was used as runway to attack Philippine and East Borneo. But, before that happened, the island was belong to Sultanate of Ternate during 15 – 16 century.

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Day 1 : Arrived.
Day 2 : 3x Dive by Boat.
Day 3 : 3x Dive by Boat.
Day 4 : 3x Dive by Boat.
Day 5 : Land Tour, Airport.
Include : D’aloha Resort Hotel , breakfast, lunch, transportation , guide, tank, weight.
Exclude : Dive Gear.

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*minimum 7 pax.

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