PADI Open Water Diver ELearning Course

Raja Ampat, West Papua
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Minimum Required License : Be able to swim :)

If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts AND where better to get certified than in the heart of the Coral Triangle.

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Meridian Adventure Dive Resort

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The PADI Open Water Diver eLearning course consists of three main phases:


1) Knowledge development

2) Confined water dives

3) 4 Open water dives


As soon as your open water training dives are approved by your instructor you will be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver! This means you will be allowed to rent diving equipment and dive anywhere in the world down to 18 meters, lifelong!

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You will need to have completed the PADI Open Water Diver eLearning programme before arrival and bring your eRecord along. This is the theory and knowledge development part of your PADI Open Water Diver course.

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