Spot Underwater Photographers in Sulawesi

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Sulawesi is an island that is so rich of beautiful natural landscapes, both on its land areas and underwater. Due to its magnificent underwater life and view, Sulawesi has become one of the
most-visited diving destinations on the planet. The pictures of Sulawesi’s rich marine biodiversity are spreading around the world and thus have invited numerous people to dive in this underwater paradise.

In Sulawesi, underwater photographers can find almost any wildlife one can mention or dream about. If you are an enthusiast who is looking for the best spot underwater photographers in Sulawesi, you will find a long list of names in this giant island. That is why Blublub will help you pick the best of the best spots for your photography journey in Sulawesi.

Bangka Islandnapoleon fish | Blublub

Lies upstream at the most northern part of Sulawesi, Bangka island is only around one hour drive away from Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi. This island is notable among the photographer community as the top spot underwater photographers in Sulawesi with a wide variety of wildlife and other organisms.

Photographers will have the opportunity to capture countless nudibranchs of all colours and kinds, for example. Besides that, there are also beautiful reefs covered with colourful soft corals as a playground for creatures like leafy scorpionfish, angler fish, blue ribbon eels, and many more.

If you are more interested in giant animals, you can also encounter them in Bangka. Napoleons, sharks, trevally and barracudas are just a few large fish to mention.

Sangihe Islands

Dugong - sangihe island

Your next destination for spot underwater photographers in Sulawesi should be Sangihe Islands! Can only be reached by liveaboard vessels, this untouched islands of Sangihe offers a fantastic water visibility that is great to capture its magnificent hard coral reefs.

This spot underwater photographers in Sulawesi is best known for an amazing collection of big fish such as orcas, humpback whales, schools of hammerhead sharks, dolphins, manta rays, giant trevally, barracuda, among others. If you are lucky, you will also see one or two dugongs.

Another special thing about Sangihe Islands is that the diving site is an active underwater volcano with hot lava bubbles to be found in some spots. The glowing lava flow out of the volcano at night will absolutely become a spectacular view to capture and an extraordinary life experience to remember.

Lembeh Strait

lion fish | blublubFinally, if we are talking about the best spot underwater photographers in Sulawesi, then we should also talk about this one. The phenomenally incredible diversity of Lembeh Strait will make a perfect underwater photography experience throughout your life!

Featured with black volcanic sand, sheltered bays, rocky pinnacles, rubble slopes and fringing reefs, Lembeh Strait is home to an abundance of truly unique and awesome critters. Name any unique sea wildlife and you will find it here! That is just how the water of the Lembeh Strait is really wealthy.

The next thing you should expect here is the experience to see and take the pictures of some rare species such as dugong the sea cow, mimic octopus, coral catsharks, sponge crabs, slipper lobsters, anemone hermit crabs and many more. It is not surprising that many divers regarded this spot as the mecca for macro underwater photography.