Diving In A Time Of Pandemic, Several Important Things That We Need To Know!

Diving has been a very interesting and also fun activity to do. Having the time to enjoy aquatic life and dive around the depths of water are a very relaxing and also satisfying experience. However, in this time of pandemic due to coronavirus or Covid 19, we need to know that diving activity has undergone several changes. Especially how the regulations are applied for people who are doing this activity.

Of course, as people who obey the law and regulation, especially ones that make sure that our health and safety are assured, we need to obey these new protocols. For you who want to do some diving in time of pandemic, here are some important things that you must know, according to Kemenparekraf and Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

Important things to know when diving in this pandemic time

  1. The diving equipments need to undergo disinfection process regularly after use

One of the additional regulations that are added due to the pandemic. When diving in time of pandemic, the diving equipment needs to be regularly disinfected each time they are used. This regulation is applied in conjunction with cleanliness, health safety and environment regulation which is also known as CHSE. This is important as Covid-19 virus can spread into the equipment which can transmit it to other people. Having a disinfection process will minimize the virus to spread further.

  1. Bring your own diving equipments

Another interesting recommendation for diver out there when trying to dive in a time of pandemic, is that it is recommended to use our own diving equipment. Therefore, the chance for Covid 19 virus to spread is minimized effectively because we only use our own equipment without having the need to give it to another person, which has the chance to spread Covid 19 virus even in the slightest.

  1. Social Distancing

Coronavirus spreads through droplets so it’s important to keep practicing social distancing wherever you go and wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth at the surface before and after a dive. Under the water, you don’t need to distance yourself with others because buddy contact is important for safety and control.

New regulation for diving license

As we already know diving activities also have their own license even before diving in time of pandemic. Without a license, it is impossible for people to do diving in some area, especially specific areas which need expert diving skill. Just as before pandemic, diving license process will also be altered specifically for this pandemic time. Diving in time of pandemic means that every instructor will have their own policy on the license. Because different place have different situation. Additionally, there will also health checkup before a person want to do test to get their diving license.


All of these new regulations are designed specifically to make sure that both instructor and also people who want to do diving to be safe from Covid 19. Adding some of these regulation will have good effect because it will absolutely minimize the spread of Covid 19 in general. However, in the end, Covid 19 are still dangerous. Therefore, it is actually recommended for people to delay their plan to diving in time of pandemic in order to avoid Covid 19 pandemic out there completely. This will be a better solution to avoid Covid 19 in this time of day.

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