Dive Sites in Sulawesi: The Four National Marine Parks

As the world’s 11th largest island, Sulawesi lies in the Wallace line and it has a contorted tropical orchid shape surrounded by coral reefs that makes it one of the best diving destinations on the planet. If you want to see the magnificent underwater view and the creatures live in it, then you should absolutely consider a trip to Sulawesi! There are countless beautiful diving spots in Sulawesi, and therefore it is best to create your bucket list from now. But don’t worry because Blublub will provide you with the recommendations of dive sites in Sulawesi. In this article, you will find out more about those amazing scuba diving sites that are located in Sulawesi’s four national marine parks below.

Bunaken (North of Sulawesi)

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Bunaken National Park is considered as one of the most famous and best dive sites in Sulawesi, Indonesia and the world. With a depth of around 5 to more than 40 meters, as well as warm water temperature, Bunaken is regarded as one of the most favourite destinations for underwater photographers and divers to capture a huge diversity of marine life. Here, you can find the most diverse colour of coral reefs and fish swimming beautifully that makes you feel most relaxing. Resident dugongs as well as barracuda and tuna are to be seen in this area throughout the year. If you wish to see dolphins and whales, you should come to Bunaken around the month of July and in March for sperm whales.

Wakatobi (Southeast of Sulawesi)

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The name Wakatobi comes from a combination of the names of four main islands it comprises: Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. All of these islands are surrounded with world-class dive sites in Sulawesi that store an incredible collection of coral reefs and marine diversity. To distinguish it from the other marine national parks in Sulawesi, Wakatobi is particularly known for a luxury diving experience where deluxe accommodations, 5-star dive yachts, and other luxury services are available. Nevertheless, budget travel is also possible without making your diving experience in Sulawesi any less extraordinary.

Taka Bonerate (South Sulawesi)

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The paradise of beautiful coral reefs, Taka Bonerate, is a marine park on the list of UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves that has the world’s third-largest atoll area reaching a total wide of 220,000 hectares. This ring-shaped coral reef area of Taka Bonerate is home to 242 species of corals, 526 species of colorful reef fishes, and around 112 species of macroalgae. Around the atoll are 21 islands around which divers and snorkelers may swim closely with dolphins, manta rays, turtles, and many more unbelievably beautiful marine creatures in the astonishingly pristine water. If they are lucky, they may even see sharks or sperm whales passing through. With its slopes and flat seabeds, Taka Bonerate owns around 50 of the whole friendly dive spots in Sulawesi for both beginners and professionals to dive in its wonderful marine life.

Togean Islands (Central Sulawesi)

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Consisting of 56 islands, three of which are the largest ones, Togean’s underwater is among the most stunning scuba diving sites in Sulawesi that has not been widely exposed. Therefore, it has a reputation as such a place where people find their calming moments, and most importantly, this also means that the reefs are in exceptional condition. If you visit Togean Island between April to October, you will be amazed by hundreds of protected species of corals there. By the way, there is also some large amount of biodiversity that has not been classified yet.

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