Diving Tips for Beginner that important to know

Diving is a fun activity that everyone must try. This kind of activity, even though fun and appealing for most people, are not designed to be done without supervision. Even though there is much more to prepare in this activity, we cannot deny the appeal of it. As a beginner, of course, it is important to understand the basic tips for diving. And we will try to explain several diving tips for beginners so you can enjoy this activity safely.

Several Diving tips for beginner that must be known

  1. Always follow the command and recommendation from your divemaster / instructor.

The first and the most important diving tips for beginners is that we need to follow every instruction that the instructor commands us. From knowing the basic hand signals to how to always stay close to your buddy. You need to remember some of the hand gestures. We cannot speak underwater, therefore, the only way to communicate is by using a simple hand gesture. Make sure that you do not go too far away from the diving instructor. It is dangerous to go without any supervision, especially if you are a beginner. Even though it feels tedious and boring, some of these instructions will save our life in a pinch. Additionally, if there are things that you don’t understand, it is a very wise idea to ask the instructor about it. 

  1. Check all your gears before going for a dive

Next diving tips for beginners is to check your gears and your buddy’s too. From the BCD, weight, air, regulator, everything must be set perfectly. Your BCD should inflate and deflate properly, put on a weight according to your needs, don’t forget to open your oxygen tank so that the air can flow through your regulator, breathe to check your regulator if it’s functioning, and finally check your buddy too. 

  1. Do not hold your breath when underwater

Another diving tips for beginner is that often, beginners hold their breath underwater. This is dangerous because it can harm your lungs in the process. Instead make sure that you breathe normally using your mouth as you have been equipped with oxygen tank. Additionally, breathing normally will make sure that your body remains light underwater.

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