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Our platform is a marketplace for all things diving. We are here to connect users with dive centers throughout Indonesia that offer you diving trips and vacations at the same time. There are many ways to use our platform, as a user, you can create an account where you can book trips or create your own trips, browse articles, news, and find out about our special promotions.

  • How to register a Blublub account
        1. Click the registration menu
        2. Register as a vendor
        3. Fill out the registration form
        4. Email verification
        5. Vendors can login
  • How to login to your Blublub account

    1. Click the Enter menu
    2. Enter your email and password
    3.  Log into your account

  • Forgot your Blublub account password
        1. Click Forgot Password
        2. You will receive an email to change the password
        3. Fill in the password change form
        4. Log back in to your account
  • My account is blocked
  •    – If your account is blocked, you can contact our customer service

How to change the Blublub account name and password?
In the my account settings page of your account, there is information on your username, email address and password which you can access and update if necessary.

How do I verify by email?
Keep an eye for our emails regarding a 4-digit verification code, enter the code in the link provided in the email.

How do I add and remove payment methods?
Log in to your account, on your store manager, click on settings, then select the option “add or remove payment method”

How do I upload a photo?
Feed is a blublub feature where the dive center can upload photos or videos of your work that can be seen by visitors to the blublub website.

Can I close my account?
To deactivate your account permanently, please contact us by email at hello@blublub.co and we will immediately process your request.

We have Live Chat for users to communicate with the dive center. The trick is to find the dive center by name and click “Contact Vendor”.

My account

When registering at blublub.co, please read through our required documents when signing up.

Yes, this is to verify your business credentials

– Personal Identification of PIC/ Owner (KTP/ KITAS/ Passport)

– Tax Identification (NPWP)

– Business License (SIUP/ Dive certification bodies)

– Instructor license from accredited diving certification bodies(PADI, SSI, etc.)

– Letter of support from the local government (optional)

Optionally, you may choose to provide supporting documents to speed up your verification process. However, this is not required.

This includes:

  1. Business accreditation/ proof of certification
  2. Supporting letters from local governments
  3. Environmental Accreditations
Trip hosting

Access your Store manager, go to “trips” and click “add new” on the top right hand corner.

Vendors can change (edit) packages or trips that have been posted by simply going to their Trips located on the store manager navigator. Vendors have the option to create drafts and edit already posted trips here.

To delete an existing trip listing, vendors can go to their Trips tab and select delete, or select multiple listings to delete.

We recommend uploading a large image file resolution up to 1024px x 683px and beyond.

Payment from customer to vendor

You will receive an email confirmation from Blublub for bookings that have been successfully paid

Yes, as a trip seller, the dive center needs to confirm the trip order from the user and also the Create your own trip (COT) order from your store manager orders tab.

How do I withdraw my share of funds?

Part funds for vendors can be received after the customer makes a successful transaction. Vendors can receive it via bank transfer through a third party, namely Xendit

We will transfer your funds upon completion of trip.

for any reasons other than force majeur, vendors will be penalized for cancelling already paid bookings. you will still be able to refund the payments to your client.

A penalty of Rp.500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiah) wil be charged for cancellations 30 days before date of activity.

A penalty of Rp.750,000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) will be charged for cancellations 15 days before date of activity.


You can send your questions to our e-mail hello@blublub.co

At this time, we have not opened a referral program. If at another time possible, we will provide this information.

After your trip is complete, you will receive an email from Blublub to review your trip. You can also review the trips you have taken by logging into your account, on the dashboard page, clicking on my trips, clicking the trip you want to review, then clicking the review button.

To maintain the security of your account, make sure you follow the rules for the password set by Blublub and make sure that the password you use is difficult to guess. Blublub never asks for customer passwords and does not recommend customers to provide account passwords to anyone.

Blublub customer data information
We understand the confidentiality of your Personal Data and we are committed not to sell, rent, display, or distribute your Personal Data without your consent unless otherwise specified in this Policy. We will only disclose your Personal Data to third parties with your consent.

My order has not been responded to by the dive center
If you have already tried messaging the vendor through our messenger, email us and we will sort it out ASAP at hello@blublub.co

Why was my order canceled?
If your order is canceled, please contact the dive center for more details. However, you will receive a notification via email / sms if your trip has been canceled, along with the reasons for the cancellation.

Trip changes and price differences
If there is a change in date, the dive center will notify you if there is a difference from the price of the new trip, which will appear in the ‘notifications’ section of your account page.

I have not received a refund for cancellation
Please allow 1-2 days for a refund to your account if there is a refund. Refunds will only be successful if the bank account matches the account used to pay for the trip.

I received an unsuitable refund for cancellation
If the refunded is not as expected, please contact us via email or…. And we will solve it soon. However, contact the dive center first via our messenger or contact info provided by the dive center.

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