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Get your exciting diving adventure in the longest coastline of the world.

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Even though it has several stunning diving places, it is little recognized by divers that Indonesia is one of the world’s best scuba destinations. Indonesia has one of the world’s most extensive coastlines, extending from the great Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Indonesia offers rich marine life due to its location in the world’s Coral Triangle, which contains 20% of the world’s coral reefs. Here you can find over 3000 species of fish and 600 marine species to explore, including dive sites ranging from coral to steep cliffs, deep-sea trenches, wrecks, and underwater mountain ranges.

To top it all off, getting underwater in Indonesia is reasonably priced.


Explore Top 10 Diving Sites in Indonesia


1. Raja Ampat

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Located on the northwestern tip of Papua, Raja Ampat becomes Indonesia’s most famous dive spot. Snorkeling at Raja Ampat is among Indonesia’s most thought-about sports. There are 1,500 tiny islands in the archipelago. The variety of marine life in this area is stunning. You can even enjoy 1200 species of fish on Kofiau Island. Raja Ampat separates itself from the majority of the world’s diving venues. The word Frontier Diving is also invented here.

Divers will dive into crystal-clear waters, populated islands with a horizon extending to infinity. If you’re fortunate, you could also capture whale sharks throughout the season!

2. Islands of Togian

Snorkeling in the islands of Togian is also one of Indonesia’s leading sports, which many recognize apart from Raja Ampat. The Togian Islands are indeed a chain of islands with secrets for incredible dives only north of Sulawesi.

The position remains completely untapped and invokes the emotions of swimming in unexplored areas. These islands are definitely, one of Indonesia’s most pleasing and maybe best dive spots on earth. Thus, you will be able to discover more than three dive sites between all these 57 islands.

3. The island of Komodo

Most world-class divers already know how to swim on the Komodo islands. The Komodo National Park Reserve gives everything to every tropical paradise for diving. It has peaceful and vivid flawless beaches, underwater mountains from shore fishes to sharks, deep walls, and spines.

Komodo is the epicenter, with her abundant aquatic organisms and coral reefs, of scuba diving. In addition, it contains on land the world’s biggest lizard, the famed Komodo dragon.

4. Bunaken

Pulau Bunaken, one of the leading dive sites of Indonesia, is a remarkably well-established destination for divers. The Bunaken Nature Reserve is not only abundant with marine life. It is situated on just the north side of Sulawesi and fascinating because of its warm, translucent water. It has an incredible diversity of aquatic organisms, including thirty different Coral reefs, five sea turtle types, several fish species, and also sharks with white tips and black tips, nearly extinguished Barracuda, dugongs and even crocodiles!

The island of Bunaken also offers world-class wall dive.

5. Bali

There is no question for the success of Bali. It was not only one of Indonesia’s best spots for surfing, but it is also the best diving spot.

Many divers can find this spot with outstanding shore diving and a glimpse of beautiful craters and green rice paddy walkways. Take a dive in Bali, and you’ll discover deep slopes, cliffs, coral ridges, world-famous wrecks, rock formations and seasides. Here you can select from the dive sites of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Candi Dasa and Tulamben.

6. Pulau Lombok

Lombok is located just outside of the famous Bali and holds its own mysteries for spectacular diversions. Here you can dive into finding wild aquatic creatures such as Hammerhead sharks.

It features several adventurous holiday trips to pair it with droppings, pitches and pistes among the spectacular corals and various oceanic lives, besides becoming a pleasant holiday getaway. The Manta Dive Gili Air Resort is the most popular diving resort across the area.

7. Bangka And Belitung

The Islands of Bangka and Belitung offer more than 25 dive sites on Sumatra’s outskirts, promising reefs and soft corals with abundant aquatic life.

You can also go drifting with a negative entrance in here, as well as declining pinnacles and massive granite rocks which cling with lovely corals.

8. Pulau Weh in Sumatra

In contrast to its popular distant sister Bali, Pulau Weh is famous for its beautiful ecosystem and off-the-beaten-path location. The Government of Indonesia has protected a section of this island for biodiversity conservation since it hosts several endangered organisms on land. Marine life includes a wide and varied range of Indo-Pacific aquatic life.

This island’s exclusion contributes to the allure of diving in the open Banda Bay, which is already teeming with a colourful and wild coral system and a vast collection of aquatic species that are not abused.

The so-called Pulau Weh Dive Resort seems to be the only decent dive destination on this island.

9. Wakatobi

The archipelago of Wakatobi – Tomea, Wangi, Kaledupa, and Binongki are scattered in the sea of Banda. They are another Indonesian contribution to world-class divers.

This nature reserve is dense with reefs and walls, corals, and fish, and it is well preserved, so it is teeming with safe aquatic life. Dive here, and you’ll be helping the surrounding economy and the underwater park at the same time.

The site is entirely new to the Indonesian diving community and is still mostly unexplored.

10. The Islands of Banda

Indonesia offers plenty of hidden gems when it comes to diving destinations. One of them is the islands of Banda.

Its diving sites consist of exotic reefs with colourful corals, sponges and sea fans. Divers can enjoy sightseeing of reef fishes and pelagic. As most of these sites are yet to be explored. You could join the fray in order to unlock the secrets of underwater heaven in Ambon.

Where to start?

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In Indonesia, you could literally start from everywhere. The tropical country holds plenty of hidden sites and undiscovered underwater heaven.

However, adjusting your time of visiting might just be a good idea. The perfect weather for diving in Indonesia happens along the dry season which stretches from April to December. Yet, you can visit anytime as most locations are safe to dive all year long.

Indonesia’s oceans offer the best in terms of marine biodiversity. In fact, they contain 20% of the world’s preserved coral reefs. You could also get to experience the most diverse underwater scheme throughout the continent.

Diving License Centres in Indonesia


If you have no diving license yet, fret not! You could take your license at every Dive Center near you. Learn from the best divers as they explain how to get underwater in the safest way. The course would later tell you how to handle even the hardest stream of Indonesia’s most beloved ocean.

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1. How to get a diving license through the blublub marketplace?

If you don’t have a diving license yet, don’t worry! You can take a license at any Dive Center near you and Blublub will provide information about the nearest dive center.

Learn from the best divers as they explain how to dive underwater in the safest way. This course will later tell you how to handle the most violent flows of Indonesia’s beloved oceans.

2. What is the use of E-Dive Logs?

E-Dive Log can record your dives and to get it approved by your dive instructor use our e-stamp every time. Improve and improve your diving skills while watching how you grow as a diver.

You can always tell your own story on the Blublub E-dive Log.

3. Why should you visit Indonesia and what’s so special about it?

Although Indonesia has some incredible dive sites, few people realize that Indonesia is one of the world’s best diving destinations. Indonesia has one of the largest coastline in the world, which stretches from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

With a wealth of marine life due to its location in the Coral Triangle contains 20% of the world coral reefs of the world and you can find more than 3000 species of fish and 600 species of marine and many more that you can explore. Apart from that, diving under water in Indonesia is also affordable.



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